Kun Advertising Agency is one of the most respected advertising agencies in Karachi. We have been in operation for the past 21 years and by the grace of ALLAH, we have countless satisfied clients to our credits.

By combining innovative approach to advertising with our vast experience in this field, we have been meeting the challenges of helping clients successfully reach their target audiences since 1994.


We can also help with the strategic placement of advertisements in various Newspapers, Magazines and journals so that our clients get the maximum benefits.

From concept to completion, KUN Advertising delivers both the choices and the support that allow advertisers to deliver their messages with maximum impact.


What you’ll see in your work samples are big ideas. Strong Concepts. Good writing. Elegant Art Work.All this to make your advertisement effective. Our role is to communicate appropriate message in the ads which is true to the brand or Product of our clients.

Our agency can provide you with the opportunity to deliver cost effective message all day, every day to the right public, for maximum impact.