An exterior home designer is similar to an interior home designer except that they specialize on beautifying the outside area of homes and businesses. They can help the owner design an outdoor setting that matches both the architectural style of the building and the owner’s personal tastes. They help the owner select colors and designs that match not just their home or business, but will also match the décor of the neighborhood. An exterior home designer can offer exterior home designs plans, hire and supervise contractors, and file for all the building permits that may be required.

There are many ways that an exterior home designer can help people beautify the outside of their home or business. They can help the owner select appropriate colors for the building and trim, built or reconstruct beautiful walkways that provide elegance to the home. Landscape architectures will be able to help the owner place the right type, and color, of plants and trees that will not only grow well in the area, but display a gorgeous array of natural beauty to the home. They specialize is specific placement of these plants and trees, mulching and constructing small goldfish ponds or other water effects. There are also designers who focus on outdoor lighting and will be able to place the lighting in the most appropriate and efficient locations.


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